Misunderstood Scripture-1 There is no "Supreme Being"

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We live in the relative world, we "eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil" (we study the world of opposites). We don't see the invisible, infinite world. Science discredits what instruments can't see or measure.

The first stanza of the Tao Te Ching says (approx):

The Tao (God) which can be named is not the real Tao.

Meaning that there are no words to describe “God”. You can see/experience God but there are no words for it. Once you “see”, experience God, then you know, beyond any doubt, that everything is One. There is no separation. No you  – and the world. No “God AND Man”, no “Science AND Religion” There is but One origin for everything. Everything is One. Modern thinking is “dualistic”, everything is separate from everything else, because almost no one “sees”, experiences, Oneness. This modern world is about division and separation. Mankind is dividing and separating. Science is dividing and separating. Religion is dividing and separating. Politics is dividing and separating, This world is all about dividing and separating. No one sees Oneness. No one sees that all created things have the same ONE origin, called “God”, in the Bible. No one sees God.

His disciples said to him, “When will the kingdom come?” Jesus said, “It will not come by expectation. They will not say, See here, or See there; but the kingdom of the Father is spread upon the earth and men do not see it.” -Gospel of Thomas. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gospel_of_Thomas

The Kingdom of Heaven, the presence of “God”,  is right in front of you, within you and without, but you don’t see it. You are wearing cloudy glasses. “Seeing it” is what all religions are really about. Seeing with your own eyes that you are living in the Kingdom of Heaven is what Jesus was really teaching, what Christianity, what all religion, is about, although most have forgotten, or misunderstood the scripture. In Eastern religion, the experience is called enlightenment, or satori. Christianity is about enlightenment, just like the Eastern religions. The biblical expression “To Enter the Kingdom of Heaven” means to experience enlightenment/Oneness. To Enter the Kingdom of Heaven means to directly experience the presence of God, the infinite world, in real life.

The "Kingdom of Heaven" and "Everlasting Life":

You, John or Jane "Doe", get only this one life. When it’s over, it’s over forever. There is no golden palace in the sky where Jesus awaits your arrival on the heavenly red carpet. You are in the Kingdom already. You, as man or woman, have reached creation/God's highest level. You are “God”, now manifested in human form. You traveled all the way from the infinite world to enjoy human life on this beautiful planet, a journey that took billions, maybe trillions of years. But there is one more step… the step where you remember who you really are, and where you came from. The step where you see with your own eyes that you are already in the Kingdom of Heaven, the step where you know, beyond doubt, that your origin is the infinite world, and that you are infinite, everlasting. That is the meaning of the Biblical expression “To Have Everlasting Life”. A modern way of saying it would be: “to know you are infinity”, in other words, to know beyond doubt you are a part of God, the infinite world, the eternal world, now temporarily manifested in human form. Therefore you are eternal. There is no magical golden palace in the sky where you live forever as an angelic "being".

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